Monday, March 31, 2014

Student Congress

There are several specific aspects of bill creation that you should be aware of before you get started.  You may choose any policy change at the county, state or federal level.    You may work individually or with one partner.  

The first thing you should do is research.  I want you to create an annotated bibliography for this project.  Please click the link below for a copy of the rubric.  Here is a link to the Bibliography Template that you can use to complete this assignment.

Here is a link to the Bill Template.  Sign in to Gmail, click on the link, make a copy of the bill, and re-title it with your name.  Then, share the document with me (

Or, if you don't like Google docs, you can download the Bill Template, save it to your H drive, and then email it to me when you are finished.

Here is a packet that I give to Oral Comm. students.  Go to page 3, and you can see a diagrammed bill that tells you what to write in each section.

Here is the rubric for the annotated bibliography.

Here is the rubric for the bill!

Bills are due on Friday via email!

Here is the outline for the bill.  Please fill this out.

Outlines are due by the end of class on Monday.

Please fill out this reflection at the end of each class.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Directions for 03/20/14

Please review your directions for today on the following Google presentation.

Also, check your grades to see if you are missing anything!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Portfolio Instructions


It's time to start reflecting on some of your progress during the first semester!  I, or the substitute, passed out a slip of paper with the assignments on your portfolio.  The highlighted items are the ones that need your attention; either they are not attempted or unfinished.  Please take some time to finish these assignments.  

You will receive a grade during the second quarter for the completion of these assessments, and you will receive a score during the third quarter for the quality and content of your work.  

For each reflection that you have due, please provide 5-10 sentences about your work. You should watch your performances first, and then you should reflect.  These reflections should include evaluative comments about your strengths and weaknesses.  Please make this meaningful.

For the table of contents, please include the title of the slide and the slide number that you can find it on.  This should be just as you see in books.

For style and appearance, make sure that you have a theme that brings the whole portfolio together.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Quarter Assessment Instructions


This Friday, January 10, we will begin our 2nd Quarter Assessment.  For Debate I, students are to create a persuasive speech.  Before we left for Christmas break, students filled out preparation outlines.  Now, we are making these more formal by typing out the information, adding at least 3 in text citations, and a reference page with 3 sources.

Please fill out the surveys during class to receive points for your work while in the lab.  If you do not fill out the surveys, you will receive a 0 for your workday.

Persuasive Outline Template

Persuasive Outline Sample

For Advanced Debate

Bailey and Oliver Speech Topic and Persuasive Templates

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

War Eagle Classic

Please join me in congratulating the following!

Masen Kuppler - IPDA 3rd Place
Jalen Bell - Prose Finalist

Congratulations to all of our competitors!
Carson O'Neal, Jenni Kirk, Sadaf Raza, Isaac Springwater, Zach O'Connor, Brooke Matthews, Kendal Bittick, Alyssa Vowell, Anna Claire Martins, Bre Hudson, SieSie Chavez, Anna McCoy, and Drew McFarlane

Former debate partners: Megan McPherson (thx for judging!) and Sadaf Raza

Student Congress Recap

I'm happy to announce the following Student Congress Awards!

Excellence/Superior in Committee
- E. Jenni Kirk Masen Kuppler
- S. Blakely Mayhall

Excellence/Superior in Floor Debate
- E. Jenni Kirk, Masen Kuppler, and Sadaf Raza
- S. Blakely Mayhall

Excellence/Superior in Parliamentary Procedure
- E. Blakely Mayhall, Masen Kuppler

Best Delegate from RHS Delegation
- Blakely Mayhall

Best Bill in House I
3rd place Blakely Mayhall

I'm super proud of this group!  

 Delicious lunch.
  Keeping it classy at the Capitol.
 What a great team!

Post Awards Ceremony with their new gear.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Monday/Tuesday Directions for Debate

Please write the objective on your calendar: Students will evaluate past performances, and students will prepare for their next debate.

Debate students should watch any videos and complete all reflections that are unfinished on their portfolios.  (I receive statistics on each video; so watch them all the way through, because I will know if you do not.) For every video of yours, there should be a reflection.  So those of you who have debated in class could have up to five reflections: introductory speech, constructive speech, CX asking questions, CX answering questions, and rebuttal speech.  

  • One reflection consists of 3-4 sentences about your performance.  You should evaluate your content, delivery, and any aspect you are judged on according to the ballots.  Both constructive and positive comments are encouraged.

After they have accomplished this, they should begin working on their Heritage tournament piece(s) or their next in class debate.  

HHS Alternative Assignment if you ARE attending
HHS Alternative Assignment if you are NOT attending

(not necessarily in this order)
Bittick/Matthews  v. Onea/Oneal
Mays/Turner v. Pavon/Martins
Speed/O'Connor v. Vowell/Turner
Smith/Sanchez v. Doherty/Wegrzyn

Please fill out the following survey both Monday and Tuesday.  This is how you will receive points for this workday.